Brunet & Co Awarded Top 100 Member Firm for 2018

April 3, 2019  


Rob & Sinead Brunet with PCT Top 100 Award

LONDON, ONTARIO–  On April 2, Brunet & Company was named a “Top 100 Member Firm for 2018” of the PCT Network by achieving excellence in their core values of quality, integrity, transparency, professionalism, and community.  

“We are proud of our association with Brunet & Company and consider them one of our strongest, and most senior partners. Brunet has consistently achieved excellence demonstrating our core values,” says Ahron Glazer, Director of Marketing, PCT Network; “and we look forward to presenting them their award at INTA 2019.” 

About Brunet  

Founded in 2006 Brunet & Co. and located in Toronto and London, has filed thousands of patents domestically and internationally collaborating and maintaining reciprocal business relationships through the PCT Network and private agreements.  

Manufacturing, research clients and legal/IP partners alike, engage Brunet & Co. time and again because of a deep understanding of chemistry, engineering, and industry and therefore the science and business behind their intellectual property needs. 

The PCT Network Top 100 Member Firm Award

About PCT Network 

When The PCT Network launched in 2015, we had a vision of creating a network that would bring together the best firms in the world to improve the way these firms handled their foreign filings as well as develop new ways for them to drive their businesses. Since 2016, the Network has grown by more than 450%, to include over 500 member firms representing over 150 countries. 

All member firms that join the network are approved and certified by The PCT Network to ensure quality, professionalism, and efficiency. 

If you would like more information, please contact us at: / +1-519-474-0700 / Toll Free: +1-877-880-6043   

Brunet & Co.   
495 Richmond Street, Suite 501  
London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5A9